48″ Rabbit Hutch – Two Story Wood Bunny Cage

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  • PREMIUM, WEATHERPROOF MATERIALS: Constructed of durable fir wood specially treated to resist rain and other outdoor elements, this deluxe bunny hutch will endure years of use and requires very little maintenance. Wire sections are finished with an ultra-durable epoxy coating that is rust, corrosion, and fade resistant. An asphalt-covered roof protects pets from water penetration and excessive sunlight exposure.
  • SEPARATE SLEEPING & LIVING AREAS: Providing plenty of room to roam, this spacious hutch contains an open run downstairs, allowing for ground exercise. A non-slip ramp provides safe travel to the upper level, which contains a cozy, sectioned-off sleeping area. A door separates the levels, allowing for safe, secure containment on either level for cleaning or as needed.
  • MULTIPLE DOORS & ACCESS POINTS: Hinged roof with locking arms opens from above and allows for easy refilling of food and water, cleaning, and access to pets. A solid front-door near the sleeping quarters locks securely with a metal slide bolt, along with an additional wire door upstairs and wire and wood door below.
  • PEST & PREDATOR RESISTANT: Solid fir wood is pest resistant, and heavy-duty wire construction and secured doors keeps predators out and pets safe.
  • CLEANS EASILY: An easy-to-clean removable sliding pan in composite ABS plastic covers more than half of the upper level, while strategically placed doors allow for quick cleaning throughout the rest of the unit.

This spacious two-story wooden rabbit pen provides a secure and enjoyable environment for housing rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, and other small animals. Weatherproof, pest, and predator resistant, this heavy-duty, functional and well-designed hutch will provide years of comfortable living and sleeping space for pets.

Overall dimensions: 48″ wide, 19-1/2″ deep, 33-1/2″ high (with roof closed); Run: 42-1/2″ long, 15-3/4″ wide, 16-1/4″ high (just under 5 square feet); Living Quarters: 26-1/2″ wide, 15-3/4″ deep, 15-1/2″ high; Sleeping Quarters: 16-1/2″ wide, 15-3/4″ deep, 15-1/2″ high.

Included: Premium rabbit cage with covered run, living quarters, and sleeping chamber. Easy assembly instructions and hardware.

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